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Strada verso Cortina
[Cartoline da Cortina] [cod. 6596] del 07.11.2008
Paesaggi - Estive - Montagne - Cartoline da Cortina

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Commento del 12 febbraio 2012
Vonn is storngest skier on tour . She&#39;s got core &#038; upper body strength,for sure-ditto leg strength, but &#8220;that&#39;s a given&#8221;. Roger Federer would make a good skier- I think he was born with core strength-he can stand there &#038; just swipe the ball from a totally stable platform-he&#39;s got everything else also, but I think that that really puts him in that league of his own. The winner Fischbacher seemed to be pressing more for speed than Vonn (Vonn always seems to be on a smooth gravity track, like Bode) and she seemed to be in tuck more than Vonn (would have to look at a replay). Jules was also really good per min. arm movement-maybe a good sign of tracking smoohtly ?- and she got really low: bingo= #3 finish: &#8220;Whey- hey !-Can&#39;t be bad !&#8221;- as McCartney would say. Ted Ligety takes getting low to the bank- he looks about as good as it gets in that dept.- just won again that way-and he seems to sit back a little. Vonn, Paerson &#038; Bode all have that &#8220;sit back &#038; just cruise/jet thru a turn&#8221;. Don&#39;t know how much they really sit back, but they sure have that look often- and they get really low as well, and get great lean &#038; angulation with big time smooth pressure on outside ski. Bode held a great line-best of anyone- in steep upper part of Kitzbuhl downhill doing this- was ahead of everyone on upper part-it didn&#39;t throw him one bit, unlike nearly everyone else: &#8220;Bode-style impressive&#8221;. He lost it on the bottom somehow. Jules needs to hire Hans und Franz for core/upper body/arm strength consultation, and not forgetting max. leg strength. Andre Agassi used to run up hills, wonder how good that is ? -If Hans und Franz not available- hire Agassi&#39;s trainer Gil- yeah ! Jules doesn&#39;t have the superior weight or height, but compared to others neither does Didier Cuche- and he just won Kitzbuhl- using Swiss Ox strength. Jules looks really good in the &#8220;going after it &#038; finesse dept.&#8221; Killy had this for sure- Billy Kidd looked stronger, so did Karl Scranz, but Killy had some kind of &#8220;light on his paws zip &#038; balance&#8221; (yeah- tell the coaches to get Killy on the horn !- need to get the master&#39;s take on this). He&#39;d sure be pumping iron a lot if he was racing now, compared to then. Stenmark-&#8221;King Elvis-Ingemar&#8221;- was really strong also &#8211; saw a magazine photo of him on a beach when he was racing- he had thighs like tree trunks. Vonn gets really, really smooth,fluid transitions to next turn-strength no doubt helping. &#8220;I&#39;m just guessing&#8221; but I think the stronger you are, the more you can iron out everything else and &#8220;toy with the snow&#8221;. Vonn sure does that, win or lose.

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