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Natasha & Massimo 01
[Matrimoni] [cod. 7434] del 22.09.2010
Matrimoni - Nozze - Sposi - Festa - Ritratti

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Commento del 08 maggio 2016
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Commento del 07 maggio 2016
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Commento del 31 agosto 2014
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Commento del 26 agosto 2014
That's what we've all been waiting for! Great posignt!

Commento del 26 agosto 2014
That's what we've all been waiting for! Great posignt!

Commento del 07 gennaio 2013
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Commento del 07 gennaio 2013
Corey hart, one of the true artist of our time. He alyaws did it his way and his is more about his family that all this hollywood bullsh..t. He is the best and will alway will be. I thank God he have us him and his body of work. I alyaws loved him and used his music to make it through my hard times.

Commento del 25 aprile 2012
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Commento del 23 aprile 2012
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Commento del 13 febbraio 2012
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Commento del 12 febbraio 2012
I could see how this could brikfcae, though, especially in the case you linked to, where the guy could not end the relationship he was in w/his girlfriend. You told him: &#8220;be a f**king man&#8221;! That&#8217;s a little disturbing, but hey: I guess it worked. However, what about clients who&#8217;d just get defensive&#8230;you know what I mean&#8230;the BORDERLINE ones. Or, hey, maybe just the Human ones. Having, as you write, a strong alliance w/the client would probably be necessary first. Also, telling a guy to &#8220;be a man&#8221; could be woefully misconstrued. You refer to your appealing looks, which brings me to another point. If I was that client afraid to make the call, I&#8217;d try to undermine you in therapy, if you turned up the heat on me. I&#8217;d say: &#8220;Hey, Rob, you&#8217;re really just a narcissist, Yourself, you know? So, maybe a guy like You, who groves on how Hot he is, doesn&#8217;t have trouble calling to make a date. Big-deal! Your ego saves the day for You, but I&#8217;m still screwed up on all this!&#8221; See, some clients Don&#8217;t just roll over and submit, when confronted. Honestly, though, I DO see your point. Sometimes confrontation is extremely necessary. I still think it needs to be done w/compassion, though&#8230;and as little ego as possible on the therapist&#8217;s part. On the other hand, you sound like a very vital and interestingly creative therapist w/your clients.

Commento del 12 gennaio 2012
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Commento del 07 gennaio 2012
All of my questions stlteed-thanks!

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